Read the Opsview or Nagios status.dat File in Python

As the title intimates, I've written a script that parses and returns a Python dictionary based on the Nagios status.dat file.  Opsview, of course, also uses this same file.  See the code and some notes at

I have found several handy uses for this script, most notably would be posting critical messages to a private IRC channel (in conjunction with  Another use is being able to cycle through all hosts or services that are in downtime.


FreeNAS Change Logging Script

I support several FreeNAS storage servers, both at home and at work, and one feature that most people want is persistent logging.  The FreeNAS ideal is that persistent logging should be enabled via rsyslog, sending the log messages to a centralized log server.  However, most organizations do not have a centralized log server.

Thus, I wrote a quick script that will allow you to change the location that your FreeNAS box logs to on the local machine.  The details of how it works, and the script itself, may be found at  I also added a few features to disable some annoying "everything's okay" sort of email messages.

How to Setup a PXE Boot Server

Setting up a PXE boot server, whether at home or work, saves a lot of time in the long run.  I've written a how-to and provided some scripts over at to make it easier to get up and going.  The script includes downloading relevant boot images for several popular Linux distributions.

If  you have older hardware, you might also be interested in How to Create a PXE Boot Hard Drive.

rsync-backup Revisited

In light of a recent comment on my rsync backup script, I thought I would post the updates that I have made to that script. The highlights include remounting the backup filesystem as read-write just before copying and then remounting it as read-only afterwards. This features allows for more security, you cannot change your backups after they happen. Secondly, I added a quick stats file that tells you the size of each increments folder. This file is a great way to easily tell which folders to delete when you are running low on disk space.

The scripts may be found on GitHub at

Hebrew Reading Ease Comparison

I've created a quick comparison of Genesis 22 and Genesis 37 via the Hebrew Reading Ease scale. The results are interesting, here is the comparison. Follow this link to learn more about the Hebrew Reading Ease scale.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary

I added all of the Hebrew vocab for Basics of Biblical Hebrew by chapter into Quisition. The original announcement is on Hopefully this will prove helpful for Hebrew students this summer and beyond ;)

Exegetical and Hermeneutical Terms

If anyone is looking to memorize common exegetical terms and/or common hermeneutical fallacies, I've added many of them into They are taken from the appendices of the book Old Testament Exegesis, by Douglas Stuart.

Aramaic Vocab

I'm currently in the process of adding Aramaic vocabulary into Quisition based on Alger F. Johns' A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic. If you would like to follow the progress and/or start learning the vocab then click this link:

A Holiday Prayer

Lord God,
Thank you for the joy inherent in this wonderful season which distinctly celebrates Thanksgiving, the birth of Jesus Christ, and new beginnings, signified by these and in the New Year. Let us not forget the source and reason for this joy. Let us not gaze into the bright lights of Christmas without looking through them to the bright Light who is your Son. We cannot know you except that you reached down and became one of us. This we celebrate. This is where the joy of Christmas comes from. This is why we give Thanks. Lord, this is why we can confidently look forward to the new beginning of of your Kingdom.

We love you Lord. Amen

Time To Read

I may not be much for blogging in the coming months. I'm sure I'll sneak one in from time to time but don't count on it. I've got a lot reading and studying ahead of me. I will be more active at EKFocus.

Hebrew Transliteration and Pronominal Suffixes

I have now added into Quisition two new Hebrew vocab packs. The first is Hebrew letters with their transliterated values. This will serve anyone that needs to read scholarly literature which often uses transliterated values for the Hebrew letters. The second pack is the pronominal suffixes which occur on nouns, prepositions, and the definite direct object marker. These suffixes are also very similar to the ones that appear on Hebrew verbs, thus, learning this set is doubly helpful.

I think this is the last of the Hebrew vocab packs that I plan on adding to Quisition for a little while. Next up is Aramaic!

More Help with Hebrew

If you have trouble nailing down Hebrew Independent Personal Pronouns and Hebrew Demonstrative Pronouns then head over to Quisition.

Pronominal suffixes are on their way!

Need Help with Hebrew?

Hebrew Anytime Paradigms

This is a one page document which lists several paradigms which are handy to have memorized when one sets out to study Hebrew. Here is sample of the page:

Need Help with Greek?

Greek Anytime Paradigms

This is a one page document which lists several paradigms which are handy to have memorized when one sets out to study Greek. Here is sample of the page:

Google Chrome OS

I can't believe that it is finally here! Google has just announced Google Chrome OS. Everyone knew that this was inevitable but now it has finally occurred. Very soon it looks like this will be available.

Very exciting times. One more reason for my child to one day ask, "Now, who was Microsoft again?"


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